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How to View Custom List Data in BrightInvestor
How to View Custom List Data in BrightInvestor

A quick guide on how to populate and navigate custom list data.

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1. Search for your desired location in the "Enter Address, Zip Code, or City" field and press Enter.

2. In Step 1 of the sidebar that appears, select Custom List.

3. In Step 2 of the sidebar, you will upload the CSV file with the property leads you want to view. Click Upload CSV.

4. Find your desired property lead list and double-click the file to upload it into BrightInvestor.

5. After uploading your document, this window pops up with all the header information in your CSV file.

6. You will be able to filter your Custom List based on the categories you have starred. For this tutorial, let's click stars beside Address, Beds, and Price.

7. Great! Let's press Import to upload these properties onto the BrightInvestor map!

8. Austin is now filled with red pins representing every property from our off-market lead list! Let's look at the sidebar for ways to simplify these pins.

9. First off, we can hide/unhide all the pins by clicking here.

10. Use Quick Focus to sort the pins on our map by the categories we starred earlier. Let's select our Focus Column as Price and our Focus Style as Red-to-Green.

11. Now we can easily see the most expensive properties in Dark Green and the cheapest properties in Dark Red.

12. Let's get more specific with another Quick Focus. Click + Add Quick Focus.

13. Let's set this Quick Focus to measure the size of properties according to their bed count. Set the Focus Column as Beds and the Focus Style as Scale.

14. Now we can easily see that Bigger Pins have more beds while Smaller Pins have fewer beds.

15. Finding deals that match your criteria is much quicker! Let's compare. By clicking on a Big, Dark Red pin, we find this property with 7 bedrooms for only $435,000.

16. On the other hand, by clicking on this Small, Dark Green pin, we find a deal with only 3 bedrooms for over $1M.

Tip! Big, Dark Red pins are deals with lots of potential. Instantly find these deals using Quick Focus!

17. After clicking on a pin you like, press Select to highlight the pin in Blue so you can easily find it.

18. To highlight multiple pins in Blue at once, use the Draw Custom Shape tool and surround the pins inside your shape.

19. Export all Blue pins into their own CSV file by clicking Export Selected. Delete all Blue pins by clicking Delete Selected.

Tip! Don't worry. Nothing you delete inside of BrightInvestor will affect your original file!

20. Finally, you can view and edit your properties list in a table format within BrightInvestor. Let's click View & Edit Properties List now.

21. After clicking View & Edit Properties List, a window opens up for you to view each property in a table format. Any pins you highlighted in Blue on the map will have blue checkmarks in here.

22. You can Export and Delete Rows within this table. For now, let's Close this window and finish our tutorial.

Tip! Don't worry. Nothing you delete in BrightInvestor will affect your original file!

23. That's it! You know how to use Custom List Data! You can now click on "Start New Data Search" to continue your market research.

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