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How to View MLS & Off-Market Deals in BrightInvestor
How to View MLS & Off-Market Deals in BrightInvestor

A quick guide on how to populate and navigate MLS & off-market deals.

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Manual Mode

1. Search for your desired location in the "Enter Address, Zip Code, or City" field and press Enter.

2. In Step 1 of the sidebar that appears, select MLS & Off-Market.

3. If you are in Manual Mode, the next step is Step 2 of the sidebar, and you will select the Property Type you want to view. For this tutorial, let's view Single Family homes For Sale.

4. You can set the listing prices to only show deals between a certain price range. Let's set the pricing to $0-400,000.

5. Get more specific by targeting properties by bedroom, bathroom, and story count. Let's view deals with at least 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and any amount of stories.

6. You can also filter deals by seller motivation in List Stacking. Let's select Absentee Owner and High Equity to narrow our search.

7. Finally, you can view the Data Boundary by Radius. Let's view a 2-mile radius and press Search Properties.

8. MLS & Off-Market listings are displayed in tokens within the radius, each one showing their prices. Click on a token for more information.

9. After clicking on a deal token, this window pops up with all the information on the property to begin your due diligence.

Tip! Use the Monthly Payment Calculator for a quick estimate on mortgage costs!

10. Click Add to My List to save properties you want to research more.

11. Add properties to existing lists, or create new ones at any time. Click the + icon to add your lead to a list.

12. Great! We added the property to a list. Let's Close this pop-up.

13. All the properties on the map are also displayed here on Step 3 of the sidebar. A blue checkmark appears by properties you have added to your lists.

14. You can easily add all of the properties in the sidebar to a list at once by clicking the Add All to My List button and selecting which list they should go to.

15. That's it! You know how to use MLS & Off-Market Data! You can now click on "New Search" to continue your market research.

Speed Mode

16. If you want to research faster, toggle the button here to enter Speed Mode which skips Step 2 and searches with your default or saved settings.

Be sure to check out our other tutorials, and if you ever have any questions, you can reach out to us by clicking the chat bubble or sending us an email at [email protected]. :)

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