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How to View Airbnb Data in BrightInvestor
How to View Airbnb Data in BrightInvestor

A quick guide on how to populate and navigate airbnb data.

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Manual Mode

1. Search for your desired location in the "Enter Address, Zip Code, or City" field and press Enter.

2. In Step 1 of the sidebar that appears, select Airbnb Data.

3. If you are in Manual Mode, the next step is Step 2 of the sidebar, and you will select the Data Type you want to view. For this tutorial, let's click Listings.

4. You can filter the listings you see by the Bedroom Count. Let's click 3 to only see Airbnb listings with 3 bedrooms.

5. You can filter the Property Type and Nightly Price of the listings. Let's view Houses with no minimum or maximum Nightly Price.

6. You can view the Data Boundary by Radius or Zip Code. Let's set it to view a 2-mile Radius and press Generate Map.

7. Live Airbnb listings are displayed in tokens within the radius, each one showing their nightly pricing.

Tip! Easily determine the nightly prices you should charge based on the market near you!

8. Click on tokens for more information about the airbnb such as ratings, guests, and pictures.

9. Add the map to your layers so you can stack this data and hide/unhide it.

10. That's it! You know how to use Airbnb Data! You can now click on "New Search" to continue your market research.

Speed Mode

11. If you want to research faster, toggle the button here to enter Speed Mode which skips Step 2 and searches with your default or saved settings.

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