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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to BrightInvestor's most common questions

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Where do we get our data from?

BrightInvestor gets its data from multiple trusted data vendors. Specifically:

  • The US Census Bureau is our source for population, income, age, asset type distribution, rent vs own percentages, vacancy, and bedroom count distribution.

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics providers job trend data.

  • RentOmeter and RentCast are our sources for rental rates data for current estimates, trends, and comparables.

  • provides appreciation rates and sales trends data such as median and average listing price, days on market, price per square foot, and new listings.

  • Crimeometer is our source for crime heatmap data and individual crime instances.

  • is our source for school rankings.

  • Businesses data is from Google Business Listings.

  • Franchise data is from

  • Airbnb listings are from an Airbnb API.

  • Live Property Listings is from RealEstateAPI.

  • Build Permits comes from national permit building databases and contractor license databases.

How often is data uploaded?

Data is updated daily, weekly, quarterly, and annually depending on data types and their source. Data from the Census Bureau comes out on an annual basis, whereas property listings is a daily update. Most data is kept up to date within a month.

What's the cost?

BrightInvestor offers a range of pricing options for our users, including a Free Trial and two Paid Tiers that range from $79 to $99 per month. We also provide annual subscription options that include two months for free, giving our users even more value for their investment.

How is this different from other platforms?

BrightInvestor offers a unique advantage that gathers all the best data providers onto one platform, allowing you to access numerous data types anywhere in the United States at extremely low prices. BrightInvestors have the ability to layer data on top of each other on a map so you can see everything happening in a market. With an easy-to-use interface, data analysis has never been quicker, easier, and more affordable.

What if I have a question or a problem and need help?

We're here to help you every step of the way with our live-chat bot support system and useful resources such as articles, tutorials, and videos. Click here to access the BrightInvestor Help Center!

Is there a free trial or demo?

BrightInvestor offers a 7-day free trial of the platform, no credit card required!

Is this for the US only?

Yes, BrightInvestor covers national data for the United States only.

What are the payment options and processing?

BrightInvestor accepts both debit and credit cards for payment, and you can choose to pay monthly or annually.

Can I cancel or change my subscription?

You can upgrade your BrightInvestor account anytime from your Profile section. And if you decide it's not for you, no contracts means you can cancel anytime.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

If you're not satisfied with BrightInvestor, don't worry! We offer a no-hassle 14-day money-back guarantee. We'll refund your money and focus on making the platform even better. If you’d like to demand a refund, contact our customer support team and we’ll take it from there.

Is there a discount code?

Discount codes can be found from any one of our affiliates or in special promotion periods.

Who is BrightInvestor partnered with?

BrightInvestor is partnered with many groups and people! Here is the current list with more expected to come:

  • Matt Faircloth’s DeRosa Group

  • BiggerPockets Rookie Bootcamps

  • Kathy and Rich Fettke’s Real Wealth Network

  • Zach LeMaster’s Rent to Retirement

  • Tyler Deveraux’s Multifamily Mindset

  • Ashley Wilson & J Scott’s Apartment Addicts

  • Soli Cateyano’s Out of State Investor Academy

  • Joe Fairless’ Best Ever CRE

  • Brandon Turner’s BetterLife Tribe

  • The FI Couple

  • RESimpli

  • The PropTech Podcast

  • Rod Khleif’s Lifetime Cashflow Podcast

  • Rod Khleif's Warrior Program

How often do you release updates and new features?

Thanks to user feedback, BrightInvestor is constantly updating with new features to make the platform better for you, along with monthly releases of new content.

Do I need Propstream if I have BrightInvestor?

No, but Propstream cant integrate nicely into our platform with our Custom Data feature, allowing you to take a 100+ lead list and whittle it down to the best 10!

Why are some of my emails from [email protected]?

This is a secure email domain that increases the likelihood of email deliverability for our customers. This is only temporary and will change to the BrightInvestor domain name soon.

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